Visiting in Vermont.

Falling leaves, a steer roast, visiting, delicious food, beautiful colors, good friends, and lots of lively conversations. We had a wonderful weekend in Vermont, visiting with friends and family.  

It seems that summer is officially over and fall is here. We are even supposed to get some snow flurries on Sunday! I've been trying to slowly pull out all my warm winter clothes, and all those sweaters. 

Today I spent a lovely day with Mama. We went out on our shopping expedition to the big city, and made a day of it. I stocked up on some good food (some of it to be made into dinner), and a birthday gift for Aimaija {we celebrate her birthday on Sunday}.

Things have been busy with work. And with moving and settling into the new apartment  {it is a bigger than the first one}. Oh, and of course busy with traveling. 


  1. What fun ! Looks beautiful. Blessings to you. Glad you come to visit on this space every so often;)

  2. Vermont is so beautiful, but I imagine it is beautiful in Wesleytown as well.

    Happy Birthday to Aimaija! How old is she now? Greetings to your Mama, as well.


  3. Every post is full of your special brand of loveliness, Rosie! Can't get enough of the beauty! Give your sweet Mama my love.

  4. Autumn makes my heart so happy! How old did Aimaija turn on Sunday?
    Hope your sweet mama is doing well.
    I saw pictures of your brother on the Averill's facebook page. It is truly such a small world. I wish that our family had met yours when the Averills and our family were stationed at Newport, RI together.
    Peter John came to my daughter's wedding three years ago and that is the last time we have visited. I miss them.
    I no longer have my blog. It was Blessed Contentment...not sure you would even remember that, but now I have to post under anon.



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