It's hard to believe that August is already over and it's September already! Even harder to believe is that Autumn is just around the corner. Yes, the past few mornings that I have woken  up early and headed off to work have been more than a little chilly. 

Things have been busy here in my little corner of the world-but over all it's a nice busy. Work, reading, cleaning, making lots of good food, movie watching, tea making, pictures taking, more work, more reading, and lots of nice-end-of-the-summer hikes {like the one in the pictures below-we went to the falls, packed a picnic and spent the afternoon}.

At last I've had some time to unpack more boxes {yes, I basically took over a month to unpack!},and hung up a bunch of artwork today-I think it made a big improvement. 

Oh, and I also recently discovered the most wonderful little thrift store in my small town. Amazingly good deals, lovely people, and, best of all, within walking distance. 


  1. Love your blog! Find so much inspiration! :-)

  2. I love the pictures! Is your new place near your family? Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us!


  3. From my end, your blog seemed closed for a while. If so, I'm so glad you re-opened it. I followed your mom's blog until she stopped posting. Your life and family help give me peace in my day. And your photography is wonderful. Blessings in your new job and apartment.


  4. love your pics...your place is so pretty ..
    have a lovely rest of the week.


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