Changing Tides.

It is a crazy thing how just when you think life is going in one direction it suddenly stops, and takes a crazy turn.

But, of course I should have known that. Because that's what everyone says, right?

Well, for me, at least, such is the case. 

And, it's not like I'm exactly unhappy about the turns life is deciding to take right now. 

I am currently returned to Wesleytown. Well, not quite in Wesleytown. But I do have a lovely new little apartment, one town over. I'm not quite officially moved in, but I will be very soon.  

I'm working at a new dairy not far from my place and so far am enjoying it.

Besides the dairy, I also am working on a local CSA, part time as well.

So, yes, I am no longer in Vermont. It was a wonderful experience, and I loved being there, but all in all, it was just a bit to far away from the family...four hour drives to visit home every other weekend is a bit much, if we are being completely honest here.

And so that just about sums up most of my busy life the past few weeks. Work, more work, packing, unpacking, and changes, changes, and more changes.

Well, all that and I have been using any bit of spare time that I've had for reading, drawing, hiking, and {of course} taking pictures with my new camera, Alice {yes, you heard right, I named my camera!}.

P.S. I now have a new little friend... a sweet little bundle of furry kitteness, who goes by the name of Po.

P.S.S Pictures coming soon-I promise.


  1. I think when you have lived as closely with your family all your life as you have it would be very hard to be far away. I imagine my children will feel the same way (or at least I will, and I hope they will too!).

  2. Have missed you in this space! So glad youll be closer to home. Blessings on all the new changes in your life:).

  3. Looking forward to photos of your new apartment and Po. :)

    I was just thinking of your mom recently. I miss her. Give her a hug the next time you see her and tell her it is from me.

  4. Blessings on your new home, job, and the fun adventures with Po ;) can't wait to see your apartment. I know you will have it decorated so wonderfully. Blessings my young friend

  5. Best of luck with this new phase of your life! I really enjoy reading your blog and I'm there are lots more adventures yet to come. God Bless, Bea,

  6. I can imagine that the whole clan is quite excited by your return!

    Emma is going to a Bible School in September that is 10 hours from here! We are already missing her, and she hasn't left yet!

    Love to your Mama, please, and to Care, and to you, Rosie!


  7. Yes, life has its way of doing that. Glad to hear that you are okay. Give Po a cuddle for me. Raquel

  8. Exciting times! I hope you'll share photos of both the itty AND apartment once you are settled.


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