Memorial Day.


  1. Ive missed your posts! So glad to see one here this morning. Looks like alot of fun. Cute little boy;).
    Blessings, Christina

  2. You take beautiful pictures. I wish your mother still posted/had an open blog. It's kind of like not visiting a good friend for a long time.
    Take care and enjoy the Summer!

  3. Thanku for showing use such lovely photos! :-)

  4. is that abby? how is she? you never mention how she is doing..

  5. Going back through old posts of your Rosie. I see where someone else asked if that was Abbie? I thought it was her also. Sure hope she, James and their little boy are doing well.
    Maybe on one of your posts you could tell us how your family is doing. Sure miss hearing about them from your mama.

    Blessings to you Rosie,


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