Spring has sprung.


  1. I love that spring has sprung here in the south, the newness of the green,the spring perfum in the air, and the beginning of a new season.
    Have a blessed day
    Erika in Mississippi

  2. Tapping maple trees is always a sign of spring. Love seeing all the pails hanging on the trees, but the slogging through the woods to gather all the sap isn't my idea of fun.


  3. Hello Rosie. Lovely photos, I especially like the last one with the sun coming in through the windows :)

    I used to read your mother's wonderful blog and was always very much encouraged and inspired by her beautiful and very honest accounts of life and her thoughts. I notice the link to her blog now has restricted acces - I was wondering if she is still writing a bit and if it is possible to be added to the list of readers? I hope it's alright to ask you, if you might ask her about this? since I don't know how to contact her.

    Thank you and Blessings from Luna in Europe


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