March 3rd.

Yes, I'm still here. I've just been SO busy for the past few weeks.
But now things are slowing down. And, can I just add, it's now officially March!!! Yep. I can't wait for sunshine, warmth and flowers. Oh, and the birds singing are pretty wonderful too...

The other happy news {currently on my mind at the moment}, Julia is coming up for a visit! Well, true, it's only been a couple of weeks since I last saw her, but she has not been to my place to visit in far too long. Of course, we have all sorts of fun planned for the time that she's here.

Okay, so, other than it being March, and Julia coming, and winter supposed to be ending soon, what else has been happening?

Snow. Yes, still lots of snow.

Cleaning. You can laugh, but we track a lot of mud in around here, and it takes more than just a few seconds to keep this house clean.

Keeping the fire lit. Wood. Throwing wood into the basement. Carrying wood up the stairs. Keeping the fire stoked. Enough said.

Walking. When it is not freezing outside, I've been trying to get out and at least take a short walk. Yes, I do spend most of my time at work outside, but it's still nice to be outside when not working sometimes too.

Reading. I just read this book here and it is just so good. If you haven't already read it go, buy it, and read it. Now. This moment. You really must.

Drinking tea. We have a tea shelf filled with tea, honey, sugar and a teapot. And, when we're not drinking coffee we are sure to be drinking tea.

And that just about sums up life around here lately. 


  1. Lovely to see you here! Have a wonderful time with your sister!
    Similar stuff going on here... snow. tea.... :)

  2. I love you, Rosie. Miss you so much. Have a wonderful time with Geraldine. So glad that she was able to come be with you. I'm there, too, in my heart. xo {and for Ger xo}

    Have fun!

  3. Love it when you do get the time Rosie :) one of my favorite stops on the Internet.


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