Preparing to head home for a nice long vacation-twelve whole days, in fact. Not all of of those twelve will be spent in Wesleytown, as I'll be heading down to New England for a few days to celebrate New Years, before making my way back here to Vermont.  

Most of my days lately have been looking like above. Bundling up to brave the cold, snow, wind and head off to work. 

We have had both the wood stove and the wood cook stove burning away all day long, not just to heat the house, but also to heat up our clothing prior to working. 

In what spare time I've had (and that has not been much, mind you!), I've been knitting a new scarf out of that lovely blue. It has been years since I have knit myself a new one and I think it is about high time to replace my well-used and well-loved green one. 

Oh, by the way I found this picture on my phone and thought that it deserved a place here.
This is our bull. That we have at the farm. A great big Devon. Despite the fact that he is terrifyingly big, he also is completely harmless and rather a wimp. 

And below, we have the sheep. They venture forward to say hello at feeding time, and then at the slightest move, all take off running again. Here they stayed still just long enough for a picture.


  1. Merry Christmas Rosie. Enjoy your time off. Enjoy being back home with your family. 2013 surely was good to you it seems, I pray 2014 holds even more joy, love , and peace for you and those you love most.


  2. I know it is hard work but such a lovely world you live in. :)

  3. I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, Rosie. I've enjoyed reading your blog during the year. Thank you for sharing your world. Please give your mother my love and tell her I often think of her. Love too to your dad and the rest of family.

    Take care on the roads, love. xx

  4. Enjoy your Christmas! Give my greetings to your sweet family.

    Thankful to keep up with you on your blog!


  5. have a great time with your family..
    Merry Christmas..

  6. I've enjoyed your posts for years. I know this year has taken you to new places, and that you are busier than ever, but I truly enjoy your pics and words and quotes. (And book lists!).
    May you have a very blessed Christmas!


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