::cozy corners.

::hot tea.


::a light dusting of frosty snow.

::sending out Christmas cards.

::working on gifts.

::building nice hot fires in the woodstove.

::house cleaning.

::listening to happy music.

::cooking {and eating} good food.


::and drawing.

::and writing.

::listening and watching Claire {my very dear friend and talented room mate} perform at a local cafe.

::and while there drinking some wonderful and incredible latte, that had "White Witch" in the name {how much more awesome can it get??}. 

::and taking some photos of the interesting place.

and now it's off to town, to do some Christmas shopping, maybe go see a movie, get some groceries, and go to the library book sale--although not everything necessarily in the particular order {because we all know that book sales are by far the most important thing!} .  


  1. You are living a good life Rosie. That is a blessing from the Lord!


  2. Book sales and tea are the most important things! Have fun.



  3. Mmm what a nice and cozy time you are having!


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