Home For Christmas.

:eating good food-chicken pot pie and this wonderful meal of Koren Beef.

:reading aloud in front of the woodstove.

:shopping for gifts with the siblings.

:taking lots of pictures.

:wrapping gifts.

:marveling that for the first time in years, we just might have a green Christmas.

:pinning away on Pinterest. Something I haven't done for far too long.

:baking cookies and cranberry banana bread.

:listening to Christmasy music.

:going to see The Desolation Of Smaug for the second time-yep, it was that good.

:admiring the wonderful job four little siblings did, decorating the Christmas tree.

:watching this music video below, because it is far too good not to.


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas Rosie and hug your beautiful mama for me! Love to you all! Xx

  2. Merry Christmas, Rosie. Sending much love. XX

  3. Loving your posts Rosie! (and, yup, I've seen the Hobbit in theatre twice as well! ;) Happy Christmas to all!

  4. It looks perfect in all the best ways. Love to you all in the New Year.


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