Visiting, with family and friends.

The other day I decided to take advantage of the last few nice autumn days and took a very quick trip down to visit Wesley and Claire at their new home by the coast {they still have their place in Wesleytown, and they just recently purchased a second home closer to the ocean--their place is right on the river}.

How many people can we fit in a photo?

Sleepy heads.

Before I left, my roomates and I had a bunch of friends over for a costume party--lots of candy, fun, food and visiting. 

Twinkle lights!

Good food.


  1. Rosie,
    Love the two captain's chairs I see in the photo. We have one back home in Maine and it is forever dubbed "Dad's chair". Now that he has passed I look at it with very pleasant and loving memories. Those are keepers Rosie! They are hard to come by and not cheap! I love the construction of older chairs. All the new dining room chairs are put together with screws, screws that loosen and need constant re-tightening!


  2. Looks like you had fun both at the farm and at Wesley's and Claire's. I I have been a long time reader of yours and before that your mothers blog. I was wondering how James and Abby are doing. Their wedding was beautiful and they were/are so in love. How are they. I understand if they don't want to blog about it just curious.


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