{the lovely view of the Farm, taken on my hike last Sunday}.

::Last weekend was bright and sunny, today has just been rather gloomy and overcast. 

::Downton Abbey is back and I have been enjoying it just as much as the other three seasons.

::Katie and Lanier are both blogging again!

::I've been enjoying seeing seasons changing once again~this means I have been here in Vermont for spring and summer, and will now have just the winter left before having been here a full year. 

::I seem to have gotten quite a back cold/bug and have been spending my day off curled up in bed, reading, drinking lots of tea, perusing Pinterest, and watching episodes of Dr. Quinn.

::I've been trying to start thinking ahead and working on Christmas projects, but so far am not being very successful~it might have to get just a bit colder for me to be more in the mood~although I do have twinkle lights set up all over...

An Awesome Autumn Day.

"The bustling wind, the crackling leaves
See them blowing from the trees?
Smell the crisp, refreshing air?
Wind is blowing everywhere!

Colors surround us, so vivid and bright
What colors do you see, in this beautiful sight?
I see orange and purple, yellow and red
A big leaf just swooshed by my head."

by Laura Beth Young.


  1. I hope you feel better!

    I am happy to hear that Katie is blogging again!

    Enjoy beautiful Vermont in the Autumn!


  2. Downton Abbey is back? My husband was hoping that I would be up to speed beforehand, but I am just into Series 2. I absolutely adore Mr. Bates & Anna <3

    As a young teen I used to ponder where I'd rather live and Vermont was always where I wanted to go. I cannot rememeber why, perhaps pictures in a magazine of fall? One day I'd love to go there during the fall splendor :)

  3. I have been thinking Christmas and crochet... they just have not come together, yet.

    Also happy Lanier is back, her blog (and yours) are two I still read whenever I see a new post is available.

  4. Beautiful! Love you and miss you.

    Smiling at you softly from here, Mama


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