This and that.


Fun horse prints, gifted to me by Mama.

Good book sale finds.

Another good find. I just love the color of this bag~such a cheery red.

Cooking in the kitchen. Salad and homemade creamy thai dressing.

On Sunday I took a trip to town to run some errands and ended up at this wonderful antique store. Everything in it is dated from the 1920's and it has lots of fun things.

I had a had time tearing myself away {and not spending a fortune!} from there. 


  1. Let your mamma know that I miss her encouraging blog posts, greatly.

    You have a eye for beauty, and I enjoy so much your posts! A gifted young lady.

    Thanks for the update!
    By Grace Alone,

  2. Love all your finds! Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings - Julie

  3. Love the nasturtiums in the salad! Yum!

    That store looks like fun too! I could see from the photos several things that looked "you."

    Will you show us what you purchased?

    Love to you Rosie!


  4. looks like so much fun! So glad to be reading your posts again:)God Bless,

  5. Are those flowers in that salad?! How interesting!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely world, {sweet girl}. How we miss your beauty here. Love you so much Rosie. xo

    Tenderly, Mama.

  7. My son and I would love to make a salad with Nasturtiums! Sadly, we have to enjoy simply looking at them in our flower beds and boy do they every fill up a space nicely. They seem to be thriving in this cooler weather. The rest of the gang does not appreciate their peppery cabbagy taste. My son and I munch on them as we walk by! : )
    Hello sweet mama. Hope all is well with you. I know the sad/happy/delight/longing of having our children grow and leave home. I know that you are super proud of all your babes and relish in the memories of home.
    Miss your blog so. It brought such encouragement to so many.

  8. Enjoying all these recent posts. Love that red purse too! And photos of your book stacks always have me turning my head sideways to pick out unfamiliar titles and authors. :)


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