Happy Birthday Tasha!

Today I'm joining Clarice in celebrating Tasha Tudor
As most of you know, my mom {another ardent Tasha enthusiast} introduced me to Tasha at a young age and I grew up on reading her books, admiring her artwork and reading about her life. 

In fact, growing up our home was very much like Tasha's. Books, home-cooked meals, lots of well-loved dogs, cats, bunnies and birds. Artwork, sunflower houses, tea parties, picnics, birthdays and such.
 I can think of nothing better than spending a day remembering Tasha, and her birthday is the perfect day to do that on.

If it had been my day off, I would have spent my afternoon in the garden, reading and pulling weeds. I would have worn a long skirt and one of my Tasha shawls {see below} and then had a bit of an afternoon tea, and maybe read a few books illustrated by her.  

Instead, I had a busy day at work. Feeding calves, moving the beef cows, putting up fencing, collecting eggs, and at the end of the day milking. 
Right now I have finished dinner and am going to go and read for a bit before bed.
All in all, I would say that although it was not a very "Tasha" day, I think she would have been proud. Lots of had work, taking care of animals, and having a corgi trailing around all day--yes, the farm where I work has a corgi--it was a well spent, productive day.
And maybe, just maybe, {seeing that I do live in Vermont!} on my next day off I can take a trip to the Tasha Tudor Museum.
Hmmm, now there's an idea....


  1. I don't blog regularly like I used to and I realized that I missed Tasha Tudor Day this year! She is very popular over at our house as well. I always look forward to her two videos Take Joy and Take Peace around the holidays.

  2. And if I were close enough...I would go with you to the museum :) , as I am a fan of Tasha as well....blessings

  3. I think it is time to pull out my Tasha Tudor books and reread them :)


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