"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air."

For there is no friend like a sister 
In calm or stormy weather; 
To cheer one on the tedious way, 
To fetch one if one goes astray, 
To lift one if one totters down, 
To strengthen whilst one stands. 


  1. Vermont is so beautiful!

    Nearly as beautiful as you and Care!


  2. What wonderful words. Sisters are certainly precious and every moment good and bad must be treasured. I lost my sister in 2000 and yet I still feel she is around when I need her the most x

  3. You two look so vibrant. What a beautiful bond you share. I'll bet the view from the mountains was breathtaking!

  4. Yes, sisters are *so* precious... I am an only child, and what joy it is for me to see the blessings of sisterhood unfold for my two little girls.

  5. Hello!
    Enjoying your blog, but missing your mama's blog. Enjoying your Vermont happenings, but missing your homey posts from your corner of the world in "wesleyland" I think you called it.
    May I ask if your mama may one day consider opening her blog back up to readers? I know she no longer was blogging, but her older posts were still a peace filled place to visit again and again.

    Can you believe that it is already July??!! Fall is right around the corner in New England.



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