Start Of Summer.

The photo above was taken by a friend just a day or two after we arrived here in Vermont.
We stopped at a lovely little cafe to buy lunch, had a picnic in a park, and explored a spot in the river that is known to be a delightful swimming hole in the summer.

It has been so warm here the past week or so. It seems that not only did summer decide to come, it decided to come overnight! 
Julia and I have been spending the past few days keeping busy checking fences and planting trees.
Last night a few of the gals {including Julia} took a {quick} swim in the river-as you can guess, it was ice cold. I was happy that I had decide to just dip my toes in and no more.

Besides work we have been busy reading, knitting, cooking, drawing, taking nice long hikes/walks, visiting, exploring the area and shopping. Oh, and lots of guitar playing. 

My seven-day-sprouts are off to a flying start and are already quite tall! I am trying to have them a bit staggered so there are two new containers ready each day. 
Below is a picture of my latest good thrift store find-a lovely blue and white goblet, it will make a nice addtion to my collection that I have going.

{there can never be too many Princess Bride quotes!}


  1. I would love to visit Vermont someday. Its beautiful there in fall, I hear tell :) What an interesting goblet you found. Blessings young friend

  2. Love the Princess Bride poster! :)

  3. Lovely glimpse of your recent days. That cafe (first photo) looks amazing.

    As does the Princess Bride poster!

  4. Very nice post!

    I love seeing what you and Care are up too! Vermont is beautiful, and I would love to go again sometime!

    Enjoy your time there!



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