Morning on the farm.

:Breakfast of soft boiled eggs and toast.

:Cheery flowers on the table {Spring is just around the corner!} .

:Stacks of good books, in-the-middle-of-being-read.

:One of the milk cows.

:A few of the cute little calves.

:Lots of hens! {we have been feeding them whey, along with their grain, sprouts and kitchen scraps}.

:Baby lambs~there are seven of them right now that have been born in the past week. They are just starting to be a bit more friendly and leap around a little bit.


  1. Sweet photos! Their hens look like ours, Comets! Although we ordered more layers but ordered Red Star chickens instead to add to our flock. They are to be good layers! :)
    I hope your experience is going well!

  2. Looks like a lot of hard work,and yet a lot of fun. Is this for specific training,are you helping a friend, or learning a new way of life? How about all of the above?;)
    Have fun,and thanks for sharing:).

  3. Oh, I love it. Thank you for the pictures. You certainly know how to get the boiled eggs just right. What a fun time to be on a farm with all the babies being born. What interesting things you gals are doing and learning.

  4. Thanks for taking us all on your working adventure in Vermont. It has been such a blessing to start with Eyes of Wonder and see you grow into lovely young ladies who are now striking out on your own. I keep you mama in my prayers as I know her heart is full and yet a bit lonely while you both are away.



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