In The Kitchen

Well, things have been busy here. But not too busy for cooking. 
Everyone takes turns Monday through Friday cooking the lunch meal that we all share together. So I get my share of cooking in not only then, but also in the morning for breakfast and also at dinner time. 

I have been baking lots of bread {both sourdough and regular} and we have been eating that with eggs {fried, scrambled and soft boiled} in the morning for breakfast. But having gotten just a bit tired of eggs {one can never eat too many eggs, but in this case we were getting as close you can get to having too many, without really having too many}, I decided to to make granola. Which I proceeded to do so late on night, while watching an episode of Call The Midwife.

Another new project that I just got started on was planting sprouts! I have the seeds {sunflower and pea} soaking in cups  and am going to be planting them this evening. They should be ready in about seven days, and the plan is to stagger them so that there is a new batch ready every day.

{sourdough starter}

Another project has been making raw cheese, which we have been eating with tortillas or bread. It is very simple since it doesn't require any cooking.  It is a very soft cheese, rather like ricotta a bit. I like to add lots of garlic, salt, pepper, celery salt and red pepper, but I think it would also taste good sweet, with honey or maple syrup added.

Last night we harvested dandelions, fried the tops and made a salad out of the greens. It tasted so good, I am planning on doing the same thing for dinner tonight! 

We have also been on the lookout for wild mushrooms and leeks, but I think it is still a bit early for either of them still. 
Everything is starting to come up in the gardens here~the garlic that was planted last fall are poking their green shoots up and the days are starting to not only be longer, but also much warmer and I am starting to think it is true that, ‎"This is no ordinary thaw, this is spring!"


  1. It all looks wonderful Rosie. I am intrigued with idea of eating dandelions :) and frying the heads, no less. I've never done that before. We love Call the Midwife!


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