Julia and I are back home, after a busy weekend away visiting with friends. 
The photos below cover our trip to Ikea, lots of visiting, thrift store shopping {where I found lots of good books!}, and seeing Danielle's new house that she bought.


Julia, in the morning drinking coffee.

Self portrait.

The squirrel that took over the bird feeder.

We arrive at Danielle's new place, that is still in the works of being painted before she moves in.

On Saturday it was off to Ikea!

Stopping at the Goodwill Outlet-great deals and complete chaos.


Every trip to Ikea must include chocolate.

Back in town again on Sunday, for another trip to Goodwill (not the outlet), Target, T.J. Maxx, Applebee's for lunch and then ending with a stop at a book sale on the way back.


  1. Looks like it was a very fun trip for you girls. I have never been to a ikea store,but have heard so much about them from many of my blogging friends. I don't any know if there are any near me. Guess,it won't take much to find out though...thanks for sharing your was fun seeing them.......blessings

  2. Any trip that includes chocolate, Goodwill, and a book sale is one I'd like to take. :)

    Love the new look of your blog. It is very Spring-like.

  3. You captured shopping at Ikea beautifully and turned it into art. What a marvelous eye you have for beauty. And thrifting is such fun. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  4. It looks like you had a lovely time traveling. Books! :)



  5. Goodwill shopping trips are so fun, especially to a super one :) love all the color, and your sister trips are really fun to hear about.

  6. Love the hearth photo, colorful stack bowls, and the ballet favorite shoes in all the world! :)


  7. This looks like a trip after my own heart, glad to hear you had a good time!


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