Wrapping Up The Week.

This week has been another very busy one and I'm looking forward to a nice long lazy weekend.
There is snow falling gently outside, but for once I am not really minding it. Being snowed in for the weekend sounds rather nice right now.

I did take a short stroll around outside earlier, before it started snowing, and checked on Nicholai's chickens and the goose to see how they were faring. I'm happy to report they all seem to be doing just fine and are not at all concerned about the snow that is on it's way here.

At the start of the week I managed to get an unpleasant cold. The result was that I spent most of at least one day sitting around feeling miserable. Drinking tea, reading, sewing, and giving the blog a much-needed facelift are all wonderful ways to to feel productive while sitting around in my pajamas, I have found.

Speaking of reading, if anyone is looking for a good book recommendation, I just finished reading: Summertime and it's prequel, Hens DancingThere're both excellent reads. They are also very British. And very British equals very good around here.

Below, are some photos from the past week. Reading, sewing, the new doggy, eggs, chickens, etc..


  1. Love the new header and facelift you have given the blog. Hope that you are feeling better now. Your new dog is so adorable. What do the cats think of this new member of the family? Our Smokey does not do well with dogs at all.
    Enjoy your lazy weekend! No snow here in Va, just lots and lots of rain.


  2. I really enjoy those books and Raffaella Barker's others too, because we live in Norfolk where the novels are set. It's fun to see one's own county portrayed in fiction!

  3. Sorry you got a cold! Love the new look :)

  4. Enjoy your snow!

    The blog looks bright and cheery!

    What a sweet doggy - name?

    Have a lovely snowed in weekend...


  5. Ooh! What is everyone creating? I wanna see!:) Precious doggy!Brave birds to lay you eggs in the freezing cold!lol. Glad you're feeling better.Have a restful weekend.

  6. Beautiful dog!! We have owned two Springer spaniels~very similar in looks and temperament~our favorite breed! They love playing in water! :)

  7. Love all the pics and especially the new Doggie - she looks like a sweetie! Write it down - this is ONE time that I probably do not envy you ALL the snow that you are supposed to get. Although, it would be nice to be snowed in. Much love - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoXOXOxooxoxoXO

  8. I've downloaded the sample for both of those books. LOVE British books, TV, movies, etc.

    I was wondering if you guys were getting much of the snow going through.

    My daughter doesn't live too far from Boston. So far they have not lost power and they are like your family, they make snow weather time for good food and good books!

    I don't think she could ever knit or crochet. She is such a perfectionist, the learning curve would send her into a serious twitch.

  9. I love the blog's new look, too! Are those New Hampshire chickens? I always love to know what chickens other people have. :o) Here we are preparing to hatch Rhode Island/Sussex crosses soon.

  10. Hi. I just love your blog and wonderful family photos. I do miss seeing Abby and James, though. I have been wondering if they are living in NYS or if they are in Norway. I hope they are well and that their little boy is happy and healthy. -Catherine


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