:Beginning of February:

I'm sitting with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. It's one of those rare moments, here where we are, when it peeps out from behind the clouds on this (yet another) snowy day.
In a few minutes I am off to work. After work, I am headed to the bank, and then, to run a few errands.
Things have been far-too-busy here, making it somewhat difficult for me to post and write about it all.
And so,  I decided, that if I didn't sit down at this very moment and blog, I'd once again miss my window of opportunity altogether. 

The latest news here in Welseytown is that we have yet-more snow and cold.
And we got a new dog! Yes, a dog!
Her name is Bella. She's a Brittany Spaniel. She's cute and very lovable. Everyone here {especially the littles} have been enjoying all the doggy-love that's been getting spread around.
 {Pictures to follow, sometime in the near future}.
A few good links that are well worth reading: 

This one here ,was really incredible. Truly fascinating.

This one, was inspiring.

And this one, was just plain good advice.

And this was a really good quote by C.S. Lewis, that I had not read before.

“My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line.” 
::C.S. Lewis

The photos below are all a bit rather random~the result of looking through the pictures on a camera that almost everyone in the family has been using. It is kinda neat how everyone views the world in a different way through the camera lens!


Building houses and towns out of blocks.

Lots of knitting {dishcloths in the case}.


A bag sewn the other day. I really love how this one turned out. It's very deep and has plenty of room, not to mention the fabric is really great too. It's in The Shoppe, as, {sadly}, I have far too many bags to justify keeping this one.

Nicholai's chickens have been laying quite well for some time now, and we have been enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. 
Now, he also has fertile eggs in the incubator and they should be hatching some time next week!

And just because it has been far-too-long since I posted any pictures of the cute nieces or nephews, here are a couple {albeit blurry!} photos of Ella and Georgie.

When we had that warm weather the goose was happy to be able to take a little swim.

So, that is the latest news from around here. 

Also, to everyone that has left comments, please know that I love hearing from each one of you and reading your sweet hellos, even though I do not always have time to respond.


  1. What a great Lewis quote! Can't wait to follow the links! :)

  2. Love all of it,every little bit.;) cuties and books,wooden towns,and wonderful yarn.

  3. The links are awesome...thanks so much for sharing them!! I enjoy coming here to read and see your photos about your family gatherings, etc. You have what many would wish to have...well, it sounds like the most of your family gather frequently!! I think that is so how GOD planned things to be...the family our main friends. For some of us, we do not have kin with those ideas, so we do as we can with friends mostly.
    Elizabeth in VA

  4. I love it all Rosie :) it is such a treat to see life in your neck of the woods through your eyes. The new header is so inviting!


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