::On soft boiled eggs:

One of our all-time, hands down favorite breakfasts are soft boiled eggs. 
Not only are they heavenly, but the easiest, quickest of breakfasts to make.

Fill a pot with water and bring to a rapid boil, plop in as many eggs as you want {two per a person is a nice number}, let cook for 6 minutes {if you want really runny eggs, like the Brits, you only cook them for 3 minutes, but, beware, that is very runny!}.
While your eggs are cooking, toast some nice crusty bread and slather liberally with butter. 
Take your eggs out, rise with cold water.
Place in egg cups., knock off the tops, sprinkle with salt and pepper and enjoy!  

P.S. Be sure not to forget to brew a pot of strong black tea to go with it!


  1. Thoes are my FAVORITE kinds of eggs!(6minute ones;) )
    with a cup of roobios or coffee.

  2. I really fancy some eggs and toast now! :) I'm British, but like my eggs cooked quite firmly, none of that runny stuff for me thank you very much, lol! :)

  3. Runny eggs make me queasy just looking at them. I love how on British shows, you see them eat these eggs with their toast sliced like sticks and I've thought about trying it.

    Perhaps now I will, only more well done.

    Would you believe I don't like regular black tea when it is strong? Can't stand it. I have some kind of reaction to it that it makes me nauseous, too.

    So imagine what runny eggs and strong black tea would do? I may have to go back to bed. ;)

  4. Love eggs! My children won't eat them unless the yolk drips down the shell when they dip their 'soliders' in. Love Sarah (from England!)

  5. Beautiful! Eggs are great friends of ours, and I do love a bit of soft-boiled on toast. I think I like a 4-5 minute best ;) with crunchy toast. And plenty of strong black tea! Always. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

  6. Ooooh, yummy! Do you have your own laying hens? I miss not being able to raise chickens and get home-grown eggs. They are far superior to store eggs. :D

  7. Believe it or not, At 51 years old I have never had soft-boiled eggs before. I decided this morning was a great time to try them. I boiled two; one for three minutes and one for six minutes. They were lovely! I decided that next time I make one, I shall try a 4 to 4 1/2 minute one - a happy medium between too runny and not runny enough. Thank you for this great idea!



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