:~:Evening Notes:~:

Today started as One Of Those Days. 
You know, one of those days when, "I-don't-want-to-get-out-of -bed-the-covers-are-too-warm-let-me-sleep".  However, being the responsible adult that I am and knowing that I no longer have that privilege of staying bed until I feel like getting up, I got up.

I ate an egg, drank some tea and from there on out the day got better {as a side note: Good, strong, black tea has a way of making everything better, doesn't it?}.
I cleaned a bit, washed some laundry, sewed a new pair of pajama pants  for myself {no, for those of you who ask, they are not pink!}, went to work, did a bit of knitting on my latest knitting project {a scarf} and even fit in a nice long walk.

I guess the moral to the story is: Get out of bed. You never know how productive a day can be if you never start it.

I also got some reading in. This here and this here. Truly, wonderful words. 
I also have been reading "An Everlasting Meal", it is really good~for those of you who wonder. Really. Well worth reading.

Below are some pictures from our past few days.

Little ladies playing.

The other day's sketching.

Good books, some of which that I am in the middle of and others that I need to start.

Read alouds.

Now, this was a neat story. 
I started knitting a poncho waaayyyy back. 
I stopped and tore most of it out to knit a sock with the yarn {and the set it aside for far too long!}.
 I found the rest of it the other day and made a green hood out of it.
End of story.

Hot chicken soup in a mug~perfect for a chilly winter day.

Listening to audio books.
If you have not seen this site before, you must. It is the place to go when you want to find a free audio book to listen to-they have everything {no kidding}.


  1. Thanks for the new audio book site Rosie! I love to listen to audio books while I bake!

    Glad you enjoyed the raspberry trifle :)


  2. I LOVE YOUR SKETCHES! :) Those links to the articles were inspiring! She is a good writer! Bless ya!

  3. Oh, you're reading "An Everlasting Meal"! Isn't it lovely? So glad to know you are reading too.

    And your sketching is gorgeous!

    You always make me wish I could just invite you and your sister and mom over for coffee. Would Oregon be too far?

  4. Love the audiobook link - thanks! That's some beautiful sketching, it's inspired me to attempt drawing myself.

  5. hello rosie
    im so enjoying all your lovely pictures.love all your projects. your family have all grown up so much. how are abbie and james and their little one? i havent heard you mention them much. i used to enjoy abbies blog but she sadly doesnt blog anymore. best wishes to you and all your family for the new year. much love karen x

  6. My grandchildren would love your sketches as coloring pages! I may have told you that I call my nine year old grandson Daveywise, they are all big Hobbit fans.

    Thanks for the info on An Everlasting Meal. I was thinking of getting it with Amazon credit later this month and now I'm certain of it.

    Would love to have tea with your family (or coffee if it is breakfast). ;)

  7. You always inspire me every post you write!To create,to cook,to read,to cozy up my home. I'm guessing Texas is too far to come for tea.... ;) Christina gomez

  8. What a treasure you've given me in the link to the free book site! *Dances with joy*

  9. If you are reading an Everlasting Meal, she mentions a book in there called something like Lamb for Eight People Four Times. I got it from Interlibrary loan and it is a hoot!



  10. Rosie,

    I love reading about your daily happenings. I always have a smile on my face after reading each of your posts. I had to chuckle because we have the exact same soup bowl with the exact same chip on the rim. Thank you for sharing your life.


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