Our rainy day, yesterday.

Complete with building block castles and roads, drinking hot coffee, playing with well-loved baby dolls, reading books, eating left-over rice noodles from a birthday celabration the night before and {of course} listening to rain fall on the windowpanes and roof.


  1. Yummy looking Pancit! My Gracie girl always wants to make it on her cooking days!


  2. Lovely photos! Everything looks so yummy~I see you lit up your book case~getting ready for Christmas! I tend to light more candles during the Fall and Winter season to brighten up the house and the cloudy days. I love the scented ones. I have actually made some beeswax candles in jars following Homestead Blessings video. I have not tried the balloon ones~I remember photos of you doing those and they came out so well! God bless, Rose


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