:Decking the halls:

:This evening.

:Christmas tree and lights. 

:Tea and cookies.

:Tales From Avonlea Christmas special.

:Remembering  Julia, Sophia, Aimaija, Celeisa,Claire, Josie and Maggie's trip to see the Nutcracker Ballet, this past Saturday.

:Sleepy kitties.

:Stringing popcorn, while watching the movie.


  1. How fun! I remember seeing the Nutcracker with my Nana when.i was 11. It was a very memorable experience. I had never been anywhere that fancy before. She went to Heaven this year,but the Nutcracker will always be a great memory. I like the Avonlea series as well.

  2. The Avonlea Christmas movie is one of my very favorite movies. Last year I was rather depressed but I found when I watched it, I felt better. So it was viewed many times.

    I'm planning on watching it this evening.

    Give your mom a hug for me. :)

  3. Just beautiful,Rosie!! We love the Nutcracker and love to see the ballet at Christmas time. I know you are a Downtown Abby fan. My youngest sister lives in England with her husband and little ones~when she was over for Thanksgiving~she brought me the Downtown Abby seasons on dvd. She loves it. But when I went to put them in my dvd player or laptop~it would not play because it is only made for England! We were so disappointed. But, she brought me the book and she and her husband are such fans of the show. I can see why you like it so much. God bless, Rose

  4. Wood, candles, crafts, kitties. Your home is so cozy!

  5. I love how just as time seems to turn the world dark we get to light it up with Christmas decorations to celebrate Jesus' birth. Very lovely!


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