Thanksgiving Day:

We had a great Thanksgiving day, celebrated with family and friends. 
It was a lovely, warm day out, and we even fit a game of croquet in after dinner {full as everyone was}!
Sadly, there are not too many pictures- as we had so much happening, it seems that the camera was a bit neglected. 
Today, we have real snow coming down, and it is supposed to stay snowing for sometime. The littles all went dashing out to play in it right away, only to come in to some hot turkey soup {it is amazing how long those leftovers from the big Thanksgiving meal can last!}, and fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven bread that Sophia made.
Thank-you to everyone for your sweet happy Thanksgiving's, I hope you each (and your families , had a wonderful day as well.

Gathered 'round the table {the wee ones had one all to themselves in the schoolroom}.

Delicious salad...

{making cranberry sauce the day before}

{and, yes, we are still eating up leftover pie!}

After the meal, and washing all the dishes.

Last night's game of Monopoly, that Julia and I played over at Joe and Stan Lee's place.
Today we are venturing out into the white wonder world (after Stan Lee gets out of work), to go roller skating, this afternoon.

And, since a good quote from Mr. Lewis is always nice, here is one above :)


  1. Sounds as though you had a lovely thanksgiving! You pictures are beautiful as always! I want to make a heart mobile like the one over your table. So pretty!

  2. Your family always shares a beautiful table. Snow..Oh...what a lovely thought! Blessings

  3. Hehehe, looking at that picture of the menfolk eating, one has to wonder if the womenfolk were waiting on them and eating in the kitchen between shouts of "Woman... more grub!".

    Sorry, I read too many novels. ;)

    My lovely daughter-in-law's family all came to our place to share Thanksgiving for what we hope to be the "First Annual" dinner.

    By them traveling here, my energy could be used on setting a lovely table and doing some of the cooking. They also brought lots of food and did all the cleanup while I rested.

    You all are so blessed with lots of family.

  4. I really enjoy your blog. I visited it this spring and summer, and haven't been back for a while. I love the sewing projects you do. They inspired me to start sewing. And the quotes. You find good quotes. Thank you for being such a nice blogger to visit. Faith

  5. Dear Rosie,
    You had a beautiful day!
    I'd love to learn and make your hanging hearts!


  6. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm envious of the snow. :-)

  7. Aww, that's one of my favorite Narnia quotes! I do wonder whether I should start Narnia with the girls. Probably too early for them, but I love it so much!


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