:still here

Yes, we are still visiting with friends, and still having a wonderful time.
This week has been flying past, and today's plans include watching the Presidential  Election, eating more good food, showing our friends The Conspirator{ Julia and I have seen it already, however, they have not}, and warding off the colds that everyone has with lots of tea.
Right now Wesleytown has snow, but here in New England it is warm and sunny {well, warm is a rather relative term, I guess}.

Last night we enjoyed a meal of fried chicken, oven roasted potatoes, salad, and pumpkin pie for dessert...mmmm.

Afterwards we watched Kate and Leopold.....

With the snow in Wesleytown, I am thinking that this is a little of what it is going to feel like when Julia and I return home~not really, but the photo makes snow seem just a bit more romantic then it really is.

 Such a lovely desk.
 I so wish I had a spot like this, in front of big sunny window~some plants would make it nice too, and a big mug of tea {well, I do have the mug of tea, Celestial Seasonings Cranberry Zinger,  to be exact}.

Okay, this picture is so wonderful! 
I have been knitting a lot, just not using needles this big :)
Lots of Christmas projects, that are fun to work on while watching movies, or visiting.
 It sounds as though many along the east coast, that were without power, due to Hurricane Sandy, now have it again, thankfully. Although I am sure it will be quite sometime before many recover from the affects of the storm.
Again, a warm hello to each of you, and thank-you, as always, for your sweet hello's! 


  1. Just wanted to say I love Celestial Seasonings too! They are not a very common find in Israel, but well worth the hunt. I love fresh herbal teas from our garden, but nothing beats Celestial Seasonings. :o)

  2. How nice that you are having a good, long visit!

    Snow! We may get some here today from a Nor'easter! Hmmm....it has been cold enough to snow lately!

    We are hosting Tim's sister and family and having a great time! Looking forward to this evening of tea, candlelight, knitting and some great discussion!


  3. Oh MY. Love that yarn & needles...LOL! :) Kate & Leopold is a fun watch and your visit sounds nice!


  4. Are you getting any of this snow now? We have about 3 inches already here in Cheshire and it's still coming down heavily. Why should everyone back in Wesleytown have all the fun! :)


  5. Your pictures always inspire me! I must invite my son and daughter-in-law over soon and set the table with lots of candles and my favorite brown transferware dishes.

    It has been cold here and we had some sleet. Part of me loves snow but the part of me that has to drive on narrow country roads in it does not.


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