It is amazing how fast time can go by, granted, sometimes it seems to crawl by, but it can also go so fast. 
It seems like just a short time ago it was Novemember, and Thanksgiving, and now here is Thanksgiving coming up in just a few days again.

We have a busy day planned, and friends and family coming to help us to celebrate.
Even though I do not look forward much to the cold and snow, I love the holidays, and all the festivities. 
It is lovely to spend {well, in between working!} the days, cleaning, and re-arranging, curled up in front of the woodstove, reading through books that I have been too busy to read over the Summer, knitting, oh, not  to mention that making of Christmas gifts.

Last night I re-found {I had it stored away, waiting for the "perfect" project idea for it} this piece of silk, and with the help of a bit of muslin for the back, made a pillow out of it.
It has found a nice resting place on our girl's room futon....

On Saturday, Julia and met up with Stan Lee, Joe, Wesley, and some friends, and went for a walk at The Falls, though it was not as pretty as they are in the Spring, when there is a lot of water, it was still a lot of fun, and we took a bit of a walk too.
Later, after lunch, we went and played Laser Tag, and then headed back to Wesley and Claire's to watch a movie.
Then, on Sunday, after church we went and spent the day with other dear friends, eating dinner, drinking tea, and relaxing~altogether, we had a wonderful, busy, visiting, weekend!

Today we are preparing for the week ahead, getting caught up on some cleaning and such.
James shot a deer, over the weekend, and Nicholai  saved out the liver~it sounds like we are going to cook it up with onions, and have it with fried potatoes and eggs for dinner.

{warm woodstove, and sunlight}


  1. Beautiful days...

    They do fly by though, I agree!

    I am working on some Christmas gifts too, an apron for my granddaughter and maybe a skirt or two for her as well! We are always knitting, I am working on a grey alpaca scarf, though not sure if it is going to be a gift or not yet....

    Love to all!

  2. I just love those stacks of books!

    My daughter-in-law's family is coming here for Thanksgiving so I'm putting my stacks in order.

    They are also a book-ish homeschooling family so it isn't like I have to put the stacks completely away, I just have to make certain no one trips over!

  3. I too just love that last photo...woodstove and book stacks! :)


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