:blog notes:11:15:2012:

{the other night, with Julia, at a concert that a friend was singing in...the buliding was so beautiful (not to mention the lovely singing), it looked like an old castle}

:reading this:

:planning on baking this-a friend sent me this recipe, and it looks so yummy! 

:as Mama is Gluten Free, I was happy to find some good Gluten Free recipes, here.

:am looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, and then Christmas.

:am smelling chicken soup cooking in the kitchen on the stove.

:we got snow the other day, happily, it is now gone. If things keep up this way, we might have a new record of no-snow before Thanksgiving going, here in Wesleytown!

:listening to this song.

:enjoying having candles lit in the evening, and twinkle lights lit up.

:just watched The Secret World Of Arrietty, last night, over at Wesley and Claire's, with Julia-really good! 

:am reading this quote...so true!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. What a GREAT quote! :) Started watching a bit of Call the Midwife on Hulu...alas, my hubby's laptop was a bit slow and I had to quit...very interesting! I will have to try it again later! :)

  2. Love the bookstore quote! Although since I got my Kindle I have been able to download hundreds of classic books for free, so maybe you really don't need money! ;)

  3. I just got caught up with your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely pictures.



  4. I love, love, love the quote!


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