back again....

...after the storm.
 It seems that we missed the worst of it, and just got lots of wind and rain.

Now Julia and I are off to visit with some friends for the weekend, and below are some pictures from our costume party at Wesley and Claire's the other was a blast!

Josie and Auntie Julia.

Maggie and Uncle Stan Lee.

Thomas The Tank Engine, and The Gypsy.

Auntie and Toodles.

The King and his Queen.

Joe was just himself.

The Gypsy.

The Ballerina.

Uncle Joe and The Pumpkin.

The Brothers.
On another note.....

Mama and I just watched the first episode of "Somebody Call The Midwife", and it is so good! 
I highly recommend it, if you like British costume dramas-it is right up there with Downton Abbey. 

Julia and I just watched "Mirror, Mirror" last night, and I was rather surprised at how good it was {I am not a very big Snow White fan, but this one was, although a bit cheesy, well done, and a nice unique version of it}.


  1. What fun! A costume party! Everyone looks great,even joe,who was himself;) oh my goodness! I love call the midwife! Its such a great show,and I recently finished the book.
    Im also watching Upstairs Downstairs on PBS,but much prefer Downton Abbey. Cant wait until season 3!

  2. Looks like a fun family time for all :)
    Blessings...enjoy your visit with friends.

  3. looks to have been a fun, frivolous evening for all. :o) thanks for the recommendation for the midwife series. i'll go and have a gander. :o)


  4. I am currently reading the Midwives book; very interesting! Good to know that the series is good, too.

  5. So glad to read your post today! We have been keeping everyone on the East coast in our prayers, especially families that we know of. All the way here in Michigan we had strong winds and rain!

  6. I am glad about the recommendation for "Mirror Mirror." It is on hold at the library. I will have to find "Call the Midwife." Especially if both you and your Mama liked it.

    The costume party looks like so much fun!



  7. Hi Rosie,

    I loved "Call the Midwife". The first series has finished here in Australia and I can't wait for the second series. You will love it!!


  8. It truly is a small small world! Years ago, 14 or so years ago we were stationed in Newport RI. We lived in base housing next to the Averill family. Susan used to talk highly of your mama often. She would speak about how Godly she was and how beautiful her family was. I have been visiting your mamas blog for years now not having any idea that she was this lady that Susan spoke of......until today! My daughter Shayna and Peter were best friends. In fact he was just here last January for her wedding. I was on his facebook page when I saw a comment from his mama. I went to her page and saw you and two of your siblings as her friends. I was co confused, but then I remembered her speaking of Julie and the light dawned! Who Knew???!!!!!

  9. What a fun post! Thank you for the show recommendations....have you seen any of Once Upon a Time? A friend LOVES it and I've watched a few episodes on HULU. Not sure what I think of it yet! :) It is sorta cheesy also...the idea is kinda neat, but I don't know...*scratches head* ;)

  10. I have watched call the midviwes now, they were great! But you should also watch "from lark rise to candle ford"! Those are also really great series!! :)


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