:through the week:

::Since arriving back home, I have managed to catch a miserable cold, that just seems to want to not go away.  I have been attempting to keep it at bay with lots of Asian Chicken Noodle Soup and taking lots of hot, sweet black tea to work with me {see pictures below}.

::Oh, while feeling a bit under the weather with this cold, besides lots of knitting, and reading {Catherine Cookson books- The Moth, at this moment, and perusing through that neat new cookbook} I have been reading through this recently-found-and-very-much-enjoying-it-blog, and reading this here.

::It seems as though next week we are to be getting {possibly!} some snow next week, and definitely lots of cold weather....our neighbor, Roger, just dropped off another load of wood today, so we are sure to have a nice hot wood stove roaring.

::I believe in a comment someone asked if I still use my Kindle a lot. 
The answer is yes, I do. Although, I seem to use it more when I go on long trips and do not want to have to lug along a big stack of books!

Joe and Josh, at the bowling alley last weekend.
{when I got home, I found this picture and a few others on my iPod, it seems that they had some fun with it, taking pictures!}
Below are a few more pictures from last weekend and our rambling about New England, that I did not have time to include in the last post {many thanks to Danielle for letting me hijack her camera, since I had forgotten to bring mine!}.


  1. Hope you get over your cold very soon! Those bugs that just hold on and on are nasty! Have you ever tried Celestial Seasoning's Cold Remedy teas? I really don't like the flavor as they contain licorice, but they do soothe a cold wonderfully.

  2. Great post! I am so sorry that you are sick. We have been battling colds. I put a towel over my head and put my face over a hot pot of water~it seems to clear my nose up!I have also been using my Kindle. I am so hooked on it. Lovely photos of your sister and brother. Have a great weekend and I will pray for you, Rose

  3. We've had a series of colds, coughs and sniffles too, practically since the beginning of High Holy Days and until now. It just goes round and round... thankfully disappearing now, but kids still cough at night.

    I hope you feel better soon!


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