Over the past week things have seemed to whirl by, and busy is the best way to describe it.

: Wesley and Claire's wee ones spending last Friday and Saturday with us.

:a trip to a nearby farm, complete with cider, donuts, corn maze, and good friends. 

:wood stacking.

:lots if knitting.

:putting in a new {to us!} wood stove.

:some guitar playing.

:paper doll making.

:cookie making.

:cold weather finally here.

:Julia and I headed off to visit friends for the weekend.


  1. Beautiful,homey pictures. I always enjoy visiting here.

  2. That picture of all the children making cookies is just precious! I keep coming back and looking at it.

  3. Isn't fall a wonderful time of year? A curious mixture of business and a slowing of pace all as we prepare for winter's entrance.

  4. I love the picture of the stack of firewood! Things are busy around here too, in preparation for winter, although it still gets oppressively hot at midday.

  5. Now THAT is a stack of wood! Winter well, and thanks for blogging, I learn something every time I stop by.


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