Aimaija recites....

... for me, the latest poem that she learned.

"Harvest Time"
 by William Byron

"The north wind sways the maple trees
And shakes their branches bare,
The smoke of burning autumn leaves

Lies heavy in the air.

The corn in shocked in rows of brown,
The wheat is in the bin.
The hickory nuts have fallen down,
Soon winter will begin."


  1. Rosie,
    That was very sweet. Thank you Aimaija. Would you describe your mama's homeschooling style as Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, or Eclectic? Over the years I have loved seeing her gentle way of schooling. Actually, I have enjoyed her gentle way of everything! : )
    I have always been very drawn to a Charlotte Mason type of education, but the research of it always seemed to work better then the reality. With each new baby (we have 10 children) it became more difficult. Right now we are back to using Rod and Staff for the elementary years and a correspondence program for high school.
    Your mama seems to have been able to do it the way I dreamed of doing it, even with a large family.
    Long ago you walked us through a typical day in relation to cleaning. Would you consider a post of a typical day of schooling?
    Or better yet just a few words on the philosophy used.
    Longing for peace, but getting caught up in the details,

  2. Went back to your mama's blog and found this
    under what the children are learning.
    Even though she doesn't post anymore, there is enough there for a lifetime! We are all so very grateful to her for sharing.
    I got the answer to my question, but as I asked in the comments section...I was still wondering about math. How do you work that in? Do the children do it daily?

  3. Rosie,
    This is just precious. What a darling girl.
    Would you please tell us or have Aimaija tell us how she pronounces her name.
    You are such an awesome big sister.
    Blessings to you,

  4. Love it! I will be sharing this poem with my children! Thank you! :)


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