This past weekend, Julia and I took a trip to visit Danielle and her family for a few days.
We had the greatest time~there is nothing like a long-over due visit with dear friends!

Lovely dinner table, set with delicious food.
I love the idea of the bread baked in the jars-it work really well, and tasted good too!

Sunny morning.

On Saturday morning, I took a nice woodsy walk.
It was a lovely, warm morning, there was lots of blue sky, birds were singing, and the road was a nice long dirt one...

Saturday afternoon, Danielle took us for a trip around, to thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales and such...we stopped for lunch at the wonderful little tea shop well.

Black bean and hummus burrito, and a great big mug of Yerba Mate~which was *so* good, just the thing for a rainy afternoon.

Before lunch, we went to "The Book Barn", where for the month of August all the books are half price! What fun!
We poked around there for a good long while, and I found a couple nice books, one of them, The Letters Of J.R.R. Tolkien, was in mint condition.

We also went to this interesting little shop, with things from all over the world, and they had this carved dragon-too bad the price was just a little too much....
:In the meantime, things have been busy here, lots of work, and changes {more on that later}, and now there is Autumn just around the corner~the leaves are already changing, and as I sitting typing this, I am wearing one of my favorite sweaters, a lovely long brown one.

:last night we all went over to Wesley and Claire's place. Some friends of ours are up here, visiting for the weekend, and they are staying at Wesley and Claire's place, so we went over there, for a cookout and to visit.

:I have been busy stocking up on good cold-weather-reading material-I just ordered all these, and though I have read some of them before, I haven't read them all, so, I am looking forward to digging into those.

:And, I highly recommend reading this online magazine, if you have not before, so, so, good, and encouraging.

and lastly (but by no means least!}, these two excellent posts...

and that is all for now...I hope everyone is enjoying their days, and please remember, even though I don't always have a chance to respond, I love hearing from each and every one of you, and reading your sweet comments.


  1. Hi Rosie,
    Can't wait to hear about the changes you mentioned.

    I always love reading your new posts.

    Enjoy this beautiful autumn weather.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! The book barn sounds like somewhere I'd love to visit, and how cosey looking too. Oh how I love sweater weather. Thanks for the magazine link!

  3. Rosie girl -

    I am so glad you and Julia had a good trip visiting your friends!

    Thanks for posting the links to the blog posts - I'd read the one but not the other and want to share them with my girls!

    We are enjoying beautiful days here...

    Love to all

  4. It is always *such fun* to go visiting friends! Your shopping adventure sounds lovely.

  5. Rosie: Sounds like the perfect rainy day shopping trip! Would love to hear more about these changes - hope that everything is ok. Love you all muchly - Raquel XoxoxoxoxXOxoxoxoxXOO

  6. Your time with your sister and your friend sounded like all of the very same things I enjoy doing. :)
    Thank you for posting about your days and your reading. I always like to see what you're reading, because it usually interests me too! Looking forward to hearing about these changes you alluded to! May I ask what you do for work?

  7. Love you, dear girl, and that beautiful heart that blesses the world. Thank you for being you.

  8. It just looks like a lovely time in so many ways. I love poking around in bookstores and thrift stores.



  9. Always good to hear from you! Thrift shops and second-hand bookstores are one of my favorite things. :o) Autumn has come here too... a little reluctant to let summer go, but the weather is so pleasant and some fruit are just ripening! And of course each season has its own particular beauty. I need to stock up on yarn for my winter projects.


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