::a big pumpkin harvest, from Nicholai's patch.

::a trip to the fair, with the siblings-I can't believe that it is already fair time!

::very impressed by the incredible Butter Sculpture at the aforementioned fair.

::the first few days of September.

::finding out the joys of having an iPod-yes, I finally have one, and it is so nice to always have a camera handy!

::just finishing reading this good book~excellent.

::re-watching old Monk episodes, with Julia.

::enjoying seeing Nicholai's new house plants by a sunny window.

::eating {many} delicious Peach Cobbler {s}, made by Sophia.

::looking forward to a weekend away, visiting my friend, Danielle.


  1. Lovely....quite a pumpkin haul already!

    That is an amazing butter sculpture!

    Any signs of autumn leaves? We loved our trip to the Adirondaks last year! So beautiful!


  2. loved catching up here today. :) Hugs and love to all of you. I miss you so! I read this article today and thought you might find it encouraging. http://gracefortheroad.com/2012/02/03/idontwait/ - Heidi

  3. Beautiful snapshots, Sweet Rosie. :)

  4. Hi Rosie~Super Fun photos!! We have been going to all the Fair's, too. They are so much fun for adults and children. I am going to try to take the book your reading out of the library and I will check out Leah's blog. God bless, Rose

  5. I really, really want to grow pumpkins but we just don't have the space for them on our tiny lot. I just make do with buying lots at the local farmer's market- always a fun place!


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