::a trip

to our local CSA with the a the littles, to pick up Wesley and Claire's share. The wee ones all had so much fun, seeing the animals, picking wild flowers, and helping to gather the produce~lots of greens, which will make a delicious salad for dinner.

Church tonight, and a big father's day pancake breakfast (complete with raspberry sauce, made with berries from the farm!) tomorrow morning.


  1. Beautiful photos! :) I am truly shocked to see how tall nicholai is getting..he towers over Julia!!! And Sophia...she looks so tall as well! I know it's inevitable that all children will grow...but still catches you by surprise sometimes! :)

  2. I haven't visited for a while so here are two posts for me to look through! What a treat!

  3. Hi- I read your pleasant blog periodically and do enjoy it! I especially like how you all are busy making things, and trying new challenges. Here is a link to an egg dyeing custom, from Greece apparently. I thought of you when I read it. I think your family would enjoy trying this some Easter season.


    I was wondering, how do you knot those little animals you made back for Christmas gifts? Did you make it up as you went along? Or, were there instructions somewhere?

    Enjoy the summer!!



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