Bread baking:
Homemade Egg Rolls:
Mowing the grass:
Long walks:
Planting the garden, and then watching it grow:
Laundry on the line:
Picnic and meals outside:
Lots of visiting:
Yard Saleing:
Picking big bouquets of wildflowers:
At least, that is how we have been spending our summer so far...


  1. The list for summer looks lovely.

    The bread looks wonderful. Wish I could have a slice with a bit of tea!

    blessings and love,


  2. Lovely ways to spend the summer:) Everything looks green there! Enjoy:) christina

  3. Your summer sounds so serine! And please share your egg roll recipe please! Also please send some summer time sun this way. We have had so little that it is hard to hang out laundry. ((sigh)) Oh btw... could you send your mom a message. If she ever would like to email I would love to. j rawick at shaw dot ca. She is such a inspiration and sounds like a kindred spirit. But if this is strange and she doesn't want to I totally understand. I loved reading her blog and sad she had stopped. I understand with a houseful that her time is limited. I see you have very similar gifting's and enjoy reading what you are up to.

    Blessings in Him<><

  4. Looks lovely, Annie.
    Glad you're enjoying this wonderful weather too!


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