We just recently had a wonderful visit with my dear friend, Danielle, who I have not seen in *five* years~~yes, it has been far too long! We had a great visit~going to yard sales, walks, trip to The Falls (yes, we take everyone there!), eating lots of good food, talking, antiquing, and having a wonderful time!

Other then that, things are still too busy here to write much, so, there is just a ton of pictures, and not many words.

Oh, and one last thing. My friend Hannah has started a new blog, chock full of lots of DIY stuff, and if you find the time you really should go and check it out-and she has one of the world's *cutest* babes!


  1. sweet photos! :) I hope your visit with your friend was a wonderful time! :)

    Katy :)

  2. Always lovely to see your pictures. Will check out Ashley's blog. It's so exciting when you start a blog and you actually start to get comments. Makes it seem well worth the effort.
    Blessings Gail

  3. I always enjoy your "outing" photos as much as your "homey" photos! They have a different sort of ambience but still very cute!


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