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I found this short film, thanks to Jodi, and it is so wonderful!
I love having long hair, and though I never think of cutting it off, as Jodi says "If ever there was an inspiration for {Bron and I} to keep from cutting our hair, this is it. "


  1. Oh thank you Rosie for sharing that! Beautiful!

    I may just grow mine out again!


  2. Beautiful, long hair is your crowning glory. I saw an older lady (like myself) with braided hair, just like the young woman in the video. At the time, I thought how stunning and feminine she looked. I hope you never cut your hair, Rosie.

  3. Just beautiful Rosie! I really like the way they help each other style the others hair. It reminds me of many Jane Austen movies. Thanks for sharing and I will check out Jodi's site. Rose

  4. I thought this was just beautiful Rosie. I am happy to keep my hair long.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I also love this clip. I'm almost 50 and love having long hair. My husband loves it long also.

    Blessings to you Rosie,


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