::potato planting

At last we came to the end of the potatoes that have lasted us all winter!
{last summer Julia and I worked at our local CSA and they gave us all the seconds~ie. not in "perfect condition", they stored surprisingly well}.
There was a nice big pile of them that had sprouted nicely, and the other day we went out and dug a large patch and threw them in to grow....

Morning breakfast.

Cream Of Rice {also known at "Bear Mush"}.


  1. Rosie, I just love coming to your sweet blog!! You are every bit as delightfully precious as your dear mama!!
    Can you please tell me exactly how you store your potatoes through the winter? I can't seem to keep ours for more than a few weeks after we get them, and that is when we store them out in our garage. I'm going to go get the sprouting ones and plant them up and see what happens. I hope the deer don't eat them!?!
    Many blessings to you from,
    Katherine in the Sierra Foothills, CA

  2. I remember planting potatoes when I was young. And then the joy of digging them, brushing the dry dust off of your hands. . . . I do think that bear mush sounds much better than cream of rice, don't you? Much love from Missouri - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoxXOXxoxoxoxoxoxXO

  3. Hi there Rosie - love your blog although I think this may be my first comment. My husband will be envious of your early potato planting! Here on the Island, we have a few weeks to wait before we can plant.

    A little bit of news to tell your mama please - we have a wee little grandgirl! So happy!

    Many blessings to you and your family on this Easter weekend!

  4. I so enjoyed these pictures... Thank you!

  5. It looks as though those potatoes you are planting have many "eyes" and will really multiply. I saw the Homestead Blessings dvd and they planted the potatoes the same way as you are doing it. They also put hay over them at the end. The little ones seem to be a big help to you. God bless, Rose

  6. Hi Julia

    I'm sorry, but I can't read your blog with that cursive font - can you possibly change it? It comes out so small...

    Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family,

    Blessings - Joolz

  7. I will be curious to see how your potato patch grows. I have not had much luck growing potatoes here but the eggplant and tomatoes wish to take over the world!



  8. Hi Katherine,
    WE keep them in our cellar, and it is pretty cool down there, but not freezing-so far it seems to have worked really well.
    Oh, and I don't think the deer like potatoes, because we have never had any trouble with them eating them :)

    Love you too, Raquel! ox

    Hi Kathie,
    Congratulations on your new grand-baby! How wonderful :) I will pass the news onto my mom :)

    Thank-you, and a big hello to each of you there, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

    Hi Rose,
    Yes, the that is *the best* way to plant potatoes, it is so easy! The West Gals have so many great ideas, don't they? :)

    Hi Joolz,
    Did you try to enlarge the screen on your computer? It might make iteasier to read :)

    Hi elizabeyta,
    The potatoes do do really well here, which is nice!
    I am going to have to try eggplant this year, and see how it works. Last year at my job (working at a CSA), they grew *huge* eggplants, and it did really well, and that was only a few miles away... so, I think it should do well at our place as well! :)


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