...is here at last, it has been so nice and warm outside, and sunny too~ it was in the upper 70's today!
Things are still busy, as usual, and of course with all the nice weather we have been outside a lot.
We have been doing a lot of spring cleaning, and clearing out. It is so nice to be able to have windows open, and to hear all the birds, and peepers outside.
We celebrated Saint Patrick's day with the a nice big feast, and James and Abbie joined us~Kieran is getting to be such a big little fellow!
Below are some pictures of the little the other day, when Welsey and Claire's wee ones came over for a visit.

"No one ever said that they learned their deepest lessons of life, or had their sweetest encounters with God, on the sunny days. People go deep with God when the drought comes." John Piper

Also, I am happy to announce that Herbie has found a new home with Katie, over at The Country Blossom, where I am sure he will receive lots of love :)
Thank-you to each one who left such nice comments, and I am glad that it was not left up to me to choose where he was going, because it would have been a very hard choice!

Happy girlies, playing outside.

This is what happens when you are one little boy, with a fan club of aunts and sisters!

Aimaija, "cooking", with Celeisa looking on.

First signs of spring.

Mister Golden Locks.

Georgie style.

And this is what happens when you have an uncle that loves to catch minnows...

My latest book that I just read, Kisses From Katie. It is a wonderful true story about what God can do in the life of an ordinary person, that is open to His leading.

You can read more about Katie, at her website, and her blog, here.


Celeisa's pet Woolly Bear caterpillar {named Wallie!} that she kept for a few days.


  1. That little Georgie is growing! Love his golden locks!

    We are enjoying warm weather too...the flowering trees are in bloom everywhere - it seems as if we are a month ahead of where we are normally at in March! I have mown the lawn twice already!

    Love to all

  2. Beautiful photos!

    I'm reading Kisses From Katie right now. It was a Christmas gift from a friend and it is SO inspiring.

    We are breaking weather records around here. It could get up to the mid-80s again today when our normal highs are in the low 50s.

  3. Such beautiful photos! I always love seeing them! I am so sad though...I don't think we have all seen any of Keiran have we? :)

    I just can't believe how all the children are growing so quickly! I love little Georgie's hair...reminds me so much of my Jaxson!

    So excited to have won Herbie...as my children will be delighted to have him...it will be a great surprise when it arrives in the mail! Thanks so much!


  4. Proud for Katie!!

    Enjoy your beautiful spring weather Rosie. Love the pictures.

    I'm sure you all will be planting your garden soon.

    Blessings to you,

  5. We also have a couple Woolly Bear's in residence. Have you ever hatched out an Isabella Tiger Moth? We are hoping to but nothing happening as of yet! I have Kisses from Katie on my to-read list! You are the second bloggy today that has given it great reviews. Maybe I will bump it up on my list. Happy Spring! :)

  6. we are all about spring here!!! The redbud trees are in full bloom, weeping cherries, flowering crabapples, dogwood, bradford pear . . . and then there are the flowers! Love the pics, so glad spring has found you all. I had a little sorrow in the midst of my spring joy . . . we had to have my beloved cat, Moodie, put down yesterday. Sure seems empty without him. Love you all muchly - Raquel XooxoxXoxoxoxOxoxoxoxXO

  7. Love the pictures you have shared...Congrats to Katie for winning your give away....blessings to you Rosie.

  8. Hi Rosie~pictures of children always put a smile on my face and give me so much joy! They are all such beautiful children. In the south you could call yourselves a Clan. We are also spring cleaning around my home~it is a fun time. God bless,Rose

  9. Hi Deanna,
    It has been so nice, hasn't it? We are feeling spoiled here!

    It is such a wonderful story! You and I seem to enjoy many of the same books, if you have the time I would love to get some recommendations from you :)

    Hello Katy,
    James and Abbie have decided that they do not want to post any photos of Keiran online...so I won't be posting any pictures of him here :(

    Hi Cathy,
    Yes, we are going to be planting soon... we are just waiting for the ground to dry out a bit more.

    "they call me mommy"
    Yes, we have hatched Isabella Tiger Moths before! And i am sure that you will really enjoy Kisses From Katie :)

    Hi Raquel,
    It sounds lovely down there! I can't believe how warm it is here, and so early too! I was so sorry to hear about your kitty, I am sure you have been really missing him. Love you too <3

    Thanks Shelley!

    Hi Rose,
    We do call ourselves The Clan! We have been doing a lot of spring cleaning here too, and opening all the windows!

  10. I always love seeing your family photos! Time is short as always, but here's a big hug going your way!


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