over the weekend....

.....we were very busy.
Everyone (both our family, and Wesley and Claire's) had a stomach bug going around here for a bit, and as a result, held off celebrating Celeisa's birthday, until everyone felt better.
So, on Friday we had The Party, complete with everyone making their own pizzas, lots of chocolates, and lots of little ones.

Saturday, the guys (Joe, Stan Lee and Wesley) all went for the weekend to visit with some friends, and Julia and I headed over in the evening to visiting with Claire. She made us Fish Tacos (which were delicious), and we watched this, and ate lots of popcorn, and had a great time....

Sunday, we took the littles and went on a trip to The City. We went to the zoo, a museum, and fit in a ride on the carousel. In the evening, Jame and Abbie,and Kieran came over to visit, it was os nice to see them, and Kieran is getting so big!
{Party Pictures}

We were commenting on how many wonderful Claire-holding-baby pictures we have.
They never get old.


  1. It looks like you had a happy weekend!

    We all have a stomach bug, too. Had to postpone my youngest grandchild's first birthday party on Sunday. Too many sickies, including Patrick, the birthday boy.


  2. So sorry you all were sick...

    The party looks fun - is that Georgie with the tie? He looks so big! Beautiful hair too!

    The princess is all a princess should be - Claire is lovely as usual....

    Love to all!

  3. Such a beautiful family. May you all be richly blessed.Miss you Jewels but i know you must be one proud Mama.
    Blessings Gail

  4. What Fun!!! Love the pictures - everyone is getting SO BIG!!! Much love to everyone! Raquel XOXoxoxoxoXOOxoxoxsoxoXO

  5. Beautiful post and such sweet pictures...blessings to all.

  6. Oh Rosie, the pictures are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing them.
    You mentioned that you use a drying rack in the winter...do you all use a clothes dryer at all?
    Keep your great posts coming...love them.

  7. Hi Rosemary,
    It is never fun to have sick wee ones, is it? Hopefully you all feel better soon!

    Hi Deanna,
    Yep, he had a tie for the party, since all the gals got to wear lovely dresses! He is so sweet, and yes, he has *beautiful* hair ;)

    Gail, Thank-you :)

    Raquel, I was thinking about the fair coming up this year, and remembering how much fun we had with, last year! Love you too :)

    Thank-you Shelley :)

    Cathy, we do use a dryer in the winter also, but we try to hang stuff up as much as we can.

  8. I am so sorry everyone got sick but glad everyone is feeling so much better. Everyone looks so beautiful and handsome in their finery.

    I am glad you had a lovely weekend.



  9. Rosie,
    We do the same...try to hang dry as much as possible.
    Sure does help with the electric bill, doesn't it?

    Have a blessed day,

  10. Hi Rosie~you, Julia and your mom really fill your house with the joy of the Lord!!! You all seem to be such blessings to the little ones. What a wonderful birthday party! The party hats look so cute on the children. Children are really a blessing from our Lord~they put a smile on my face and bring joy into the household. Yes, Claire is a beautiful mother~she is so attentive to her young ones. I remember carrying my girls around~it felt so good to have them in the sling close to my heart. I am 45 years old and I don't think that God has any more babies planned for my future. God bless you and your family!! Rose

  11. Such beautiful, fun happenings going on. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us. I'm so glad you are well enough to celebrate again.

    If you enjoyed Spirited Away, you should see The Secret World of Arietty, in the theaters now. It is based on the book The Borrowers, has some of the most beautiful animation I have seen, and is a really sweet story.

  12. elizabeyta, yes all the little gals, and Georgie were decked out!

    Thank-you, Rose!

    Hi Carl! I am going to have to try and see that, I saw a preview a while back, and it looked really good, plus, I love The Borrowers! Hello to you, and I hope you are doing well :)


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