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More reading.

I decide to make a little birthday baby for Celeisa, who is turning six in just a few days.

All done...

...and ready for the Birthday Girl!

A dear friend, Elizabeta, has the best sourdough bread recipe, and I gave it a try the other day~so easy, and it turned out wonderful....there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven.

You really should stop by her lovey, inspiring, and home-y blog, if you have not had a chance to visit before. She also has many more wonderful recipes.


  1. I see Surprised By Oxford! I LOVED that book.

    I wrote a review of it and as I usually do, sent the link to the author or publisher (when available).

    A few weeks later, I received an e-mail back from "Caro" and we've been writing back and forth since then. She is a lovely person.

    I was thinking of your mom this week, give her a (((HUG))) for me. I love your pictures and your blog, too.

  2. What a darling doll you made for your little sister! She is going to love it. :)

  3. Lovely pics. I have been reading quite a bit lately myself. Sourdough bread - yummo! Much love and lots of hugs to everyone - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoXOxoxoxoxoXO

  4. I will try her recipe, as I have been wanting to give sourdough a try!

    Your doll baby turned out so very cute. I am sure Celesia will love it! I can't believe she is going to be six - though my littlest will be seven this year! So sad, our babies are growing up - yet delightful too.

    Lovely photos as always,Rosie. We must have tea sometime soon!


  5. Beautiful photos. :)

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  6. Glad I found your blog...I loved seeing all your sweet "Home" pictures...A very blessed and happy birthday to your sweet little sister....that's a very special gift you are giving her...something handmade by a caring heart..she is sure to love it much.

  7. Those first three photos are just DELIGHTFUL...so crisp & clear!!! What is being knit there? Your doll is so sweet...love the simplicity of it!

    Hope to try out that recipe soon! :) Thanks for a new homemake-y blog!


  8. Beautiful doll, your sister is blessed to have a caring and talented big sister like you. Like Brenda I have also been thinking about and praying for your Mum this week, I don't know why, and I have been copying out some of her writings in my journal. I do love your writing too though!

  9. I was sitting reading your blog after a lovely camping trip this weekend. Enjoying the creating and reading, and what do I read but a mention of my bread recipe! I am so glad you enjoyed it.



  10. hello rosie,
    i found this blog and thought you might like it. (http://enchantedserenityperiodfilms.blogspot.com/2008/08/under-greenwood-tree.html) its list of all period dramas . i thought you may find some you havent seen yet. :)
    your doll looks really sweet im sure your sister will love it. i made my neices some waldorf dolls recently and got my dad to make dolls beds they really loved them! your bread looks yummy too! karen uk x

  11. I love your doll! What a delightful gift! I'm hopping over to the blog you mentioned; I'm always up for a good recipe!

  12. Hi Rosie, I just adore your doll. You girls are so creative. I received your message and yes~Connecticut is getting very crowded. I try to get a veggie garden going every year, but there is hardly any room in my backyard. It must be so nice to be surrounded by nature. All of God's creation is so beautiful. God bless, Rose (I am on my daughters blog~so it will come up Brookie)

  13. Hi Brenda,
    Yes, I have been reading Surprised By Oxford, it is so good! (I am almost done with it). My mom read it first and then said that I just *had* to read it! And she was right :)That is so neat that you have been able to actually get to really *know* Caro, she does seem like such a wonderful woman :)

    Thanks, Debbie :)

    Hi Raquel!
    A big hello and much love to you too :)

    Deanna, it is a really good sourdough recipe, I think you guys would like it!

    Hi Katy :)
    Thank-you :) I hope Jaxson continues to feel better, poor little guy.

    Thank-you Shelley :)

    Amy, I am knitting a baby blanket, it is knit in the round and I just keep increasing....it is going slowly, but is nice when I don't really want something that I have to pay attention to, like socks :)

    Thank-you, Jayne :)

    Hi Elizabeyta!
    Yes, it is the best sourdough recipe that I have used yet! Thank-you :)

    Hi Karen!
    Thank-you for the link, I will have to go and check it out :)

    Thanks, Sue!

    Hi Rose, thank-you :)


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