~:snowy hominess....

Celebrating Julia's birthday....

A big mug of Red Rose tea....

Block creations.

And lots and lots of snow!


  1. Delightful pictures Rosie! Thanks for the glimpse into your cozy corner. And I'm envying you your snow, just a bit. Usually we are snowed in by this time! ;)

  2. Whenever I feel a bit frazzled by our crazy, busy days I drop by for a quick visit and quickly feel soothed and relaxed by your lovely pictures and description of days. I leave inspired to create that peace in my own home and enjoy these days that too quickly flee and pass us by. Oh, and btw we are a bit envious of your snow. We have yet to get any this year.

  3. Ooops, so sorry I accidentally left a comment signed in under my daughter Graces account! That's okay though as we all have the same sentiments about your lovely blog!

  4. Red Rose --- my favorite tea. I love those little Wade figurines in each box, too. They are so precious! I'm still waiting to hear more about Aslaug and Ben's new baby boy! Your family is so blessed. -Catherine

  5. Delightful photos of home, Rosie!

    Now Lindsay and Care are the same age...

    Give my love to your Momma...


  6. I had to look up Red Rose tea and see if they still put figures in the boxes. Thanks for the memories!

    Looks very cozy and inviting.



  7. Beautiful pics Rosie! We have yet to get enough snow for me and it has actually been quite warm here. Much love to all! Raquel XOxoxoxoxoxXOxoxoxooxXO


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