::~From Home~::

One of the cutest little nieces in the world,
Little Elle sure is getting big!

Auntie Sophia, holding her wee niece...

Reading an interesting article, and drinking coffee~two things that blend so well together.....

A busy knitter.

Candlelight, and Saturday dinner table...

Two beautiful films, that two dear friends, Katie, and Jodi, led me to...these are just lovely ....and well worth watching...

::Dutch Oven Bread::

And, one last bit of rather exciting news {for all here that are concerned that is!}, James, Abbie and Keiran are returned from Norway....and are at long last back home, here in Wesleytown again!


  1. I think Eleanor looks very much like Elsie did when she was her age!

  2. So good to hear from you. Glad that James and Abbie and Kieran are home. Looks like everyone is doing well, Sophia is quite the knitter! Little Elle is so cute and I agree, getting quite big! Much love to all - Raquel XooxoxoxXOxoxoxoxXOO

  3. It's all lovely, Rosie! I cherish each glimpse! You capture, so beautifully, the quiet loveliness of home joys. I'm thrilled to think of the happy reunion with your dear ones--all that pent up love for baby Keiran! JOY! Hugs and kisses all around. Love from here~

  4. That bread making video was a true work of art. It is so relaxing to watch her knead the dough, sift the flour... I also love the music. Baking from scratch can really be so relaxing. My daughters love to knead the dough and feel it. When my little one sifts the flour~she works the crank too fast and the flour goes up in the air instead of in the bowl!! All part of learning to be a good keeper of the home. The bee keeping video was amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us. Will you give a tutorial on apron making. My older teenagers like the way you have your fabric criss crossed in the back and not tied. By the end of the day our necks are hurting from those ties. It looks as if you can slip your apron right over your head. God bless, Rose and girls

  5. your posts are like warm hugs. :o)

  6. Hurray for their return! Does this mean we will be seeing some photos of the wee man?

    I hope so!

    As always Rosie your photos are lovely!


  7. I love these videos. I actually follow kinfolk and make my own bread. I found this was a true representation of how I make bread but I do not use an oven.

    I love the pictures from your home.



  8. I read this post a few days earlier, abut had to return to watch the videos as time didn't allow during my first visit. What beauty! I admit I became mesmerized by the calming effect of the videography and had to watch all ten offerings.

    Your lovely photos, as always, make me feel warm and cozy. I thought of you and yours yesterday when Abigail and I visited a small artisan store that featured all locally handmade goods from pottery, to candles and soap, to scarves, and small quilts, and wooden toys, and I just "knew" that you would have loved being there, too.

  9. Eleanor is just beautiful.

    I was so glad to read that the little family has returned home. You all must be over the moon to have baby Kieran to hold, too. Yours, Rosemary

  10. gorgeous photos of the table!! :)


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