Wonderful news!

I now have a new little nephew, Kieran Benjamin!
He was born this morning and he and the happy parents are doing well {the parents a wee bit tired}.
We are all so glad for James and Abbie, and looking forward to them coming home soon, so we can meet {in person} the newest member of the Clan!
Now we are just waiting on seeing some photos of the little man....
A few pictures from the other day, making Honeypot Glow Lamps, with Julia, Mama, and the littles...


  1. May your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

    A new baby is a good way to start.

    Give your mother a gentle hug for me. The world is a better place just because she is in it (and YOU).

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of your new little family member! What a perfect Christmas present! Merry CHRISTmas! :)

  3. Congratulations to James and Abbie on the addition of another family members.

    Merry Christmas Rosie. Please pass on my best wishes to your parents, brothers and sisters. I hope you enjoy the holidays.

  4. Awesome job! I made those too :D http://www.crimsoncovered.blogspot.com/2011/06/candle-making.html

  5. Hello Rosie, this is such a good news indeed. Please could you pass Abbie my best wishes for the birth of the baby ? I am Flavia, from Italy,she might remember me. Tell her, if you have the chance, that we finally moved to Finland and now I'm waiting for my baby number five.

    May the peace and joy of Christmas be always with you all.

    Blessings, Flavia

  6. Oh!!! Congratulations!!! How absolutely wonderful! I look forward to seeing pictures!!! :o)

    I love the honey pot glow lamps...they are something I would love to try one day! :)

    I hope you and your family have a lovely weekend!

  7. Congrats on the new nephew!!!! :) Please show us your finished project if you can!!! :)

  8. Congratultions on the newest member of the family. You all must be so excited.

    Bet those candles turned out really nice. I saw the video of the West ladies making them, but never tried it myself. Maybe one day this winter we'll give it a try. :)

  9. Congratulations to you all! I can't wait to see photos of him!

    He came just in time for Christmas! What a sweet gift!

    Blessings on you all as you enjoy the the advent of the Babe who came to save us all...

    Love to all...


  10. Congratulations to all on the newest little bundle! I can't wait until you share some photos with us!

    I'd love to know more about these honeypot glow lamps, as I've never heard of them before.

  11. Congratulations to James and Aslaug!
    Can't wait to see pictures!
    Your honey pots are lovely. I'm thinking you save a bit of money by making them yourselves. I will have to look into that as they are so lovely to burn. You make it look easy. Where do you get the honey wax?
    Have a very Blessed Christmas.

  12. Oh! Thanks for the photo, Rosie!

  13. Congratulations! I'm so happy for them and glad that little Kieran has arrived!

  14. Congratulations on the new little one! New babies are such a precious blessing!

    I've never heard of honey pot glow lamps. I'm going to have to Google them... :)

  15. Oh what joyous news! So glad to hear that the baby is here and everything is alright. Much love to you all - give everyone a big Christmas hug from me, won't you? Much love - Raquel - XoxoxoxoxoxXoxOxoxoxoxoxoXO

  16. I've just read the happy news on your Mom's FB and hurried here to see if there's a picture, and there is!! How precious. I can only imagine how eager you all are to meet him; wishing you and your family a pleasant holiday season.

  17. How exciting to have a new baby in the family, especially at Christmas. Looking forward to some more pictures,

    Cheers - Joolz

  18. I've been enjoying Eyes of Wonder and now your blog so much! You inspire me to see the beauty in home and family.... *thank you*. Your nephew is precious.... He has no idea what a lovely family he had been blessed with! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. Congratulations. What a special gift.

    Blessing to every one!


  20. wonderful news on the safe arrival of a new baby nephew! please pass on the best of wishes to abbie and james. wishing you and your family a happy new year. karen. x

  21. My daughters and I really enjoyed reading your post on candle making. I was not sure if it was you that mentioned The West Ladies. But I purchased their 11 dvd's for homeschooling my daughters. We have enjoyed all of their dvd's. It has been such a blessing to us. Have a blessed Sabbath, Rose and daughters


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