:~:Trip to the Big City.....

This past weekend, Joseph, Julia, and I took a trip to The City. 
We had a wonderful time, roaming around, seeing the sights, and exploring....

On our way there, stopping to admire the view.

Joe, driving.



In The City.

There were so many folks dressed up, as Santa Claus, and as Elves! 
They were singing as they walk through the subway station!

A neat old building.

And no, it was not at all like a *real* Amish store!

Joe, studying the map~we got lost more than once!

I think this was the only Christmas tree that we saw on top of a car.

"Oh, Hi".

Joe wanted this. We told him stealing cars is against the law...

We found Whole Foods (and of course we had to go in!).

We took a break from walking, and stopped for lunch.

This post was neat.

An old escalator....

Inside Toys R Us...it was so packed, we could hardly even get in the door!

Another neat old building.

Walking In The Park.

A beautiful bridge.

A nice big playground.

And that is The End!


  1. Absolutely Fantabulous! Love to everyone! Raquel XoxoxoxoxoxXOxoxoxoxox

  2. You know, I have never been to visit a "City" in the way you describe here. It looks like such fun! I, too love that picture of the mama wearing her baby on her back.

  3. Lovely,

    We were in the city yesterday with a friend on business, but we did manage to pop into Macy's!

    Next Monday we are going in to just site see - want to come meet us?

    It would be awesome to spend the day with you, Care, and Joe.


  4. Beautiful photos! I've never seen a building so intricately carved. I should probably look more at my own huge city, but I haven't done the tourist thing for years now.

  5. Oh, that looks like such a lot of fun! I so very much enjoyed seeing New York 'with you' in these pictures. Can't wait to go there some day. I especially loved the old architecture and that beautiful bridge. Thank you for the lovely post!

  6. Ah, New York, New York! Although I only live 2 hours away, I haven't been there in years. It's such a busy, overwhelming place, isn't it? My older kids go together once a year, just like you all did, and they always have a wonderful time!

  7. Wonderful photos! I'm so glad you and Julie reminded Joe that stealing that car is against the law! ;)

  8. The first few pics where was that at? Was it in Idaho? It looks like a place I went to when I was up there this past year...



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