Dinner table.

{it is starting to get a bit colder out, and we even got a light dusting of snow the other night!}.

{In the school/family room}.

Lights have a way of making thing so nice and warm, and festive...

In the kitchen, with sun streaming in, through the window.

There is nothing like afternoon tea and a good book.

The littlest gets a new hat {I really like the red color..}~made with this pattern.

More Christmas knitting projects.

...and more.
And, lastly, two very good links to read.

(even though I know it is not quite summer, well, maybe for some of you, but not us here, winter is the time that I find I have more time for reading~rather than summer).


"A soul, who made rapid progress in her understanding of the Lord, was once asked the secret of her easy advancement.

She replied tersely, "Mind the checks."
And the reason that many of us do not know and better understand Him is, we do not give heed to His gentle checks, His delicate restraints and constraints. His is a still, small voice. A still voice can hardly be heard. It must be felt. A steady, gentle pressure upon the heart and mind like the touch of a morning zephyr to your face. A small voice, quietly, almost timidly spoken in your heart, but if heeded growing noiselessly clearer to your inner ear. His voice is for the ear of love, and love is intent upon hearing even faintest whispers.
There comes a time also when love ceases to speak if not responded to, or believed in. He is love, and if you would know Him and His voice, give constant ear to His gentle touches.
In conversation, when about to utter some word, give heed to that gentle voice, mind the check and refrain from speech.
When about to pursue some course that seems all clear and right and there comes quietly to your spirit a suggestion that has in it the force almost of a conviction, give heed, even if changed plans seem highest folly from standpoint of human wisdom.
Learn also to wait on God for the unfolding of His will.
Let God form your plans about everything in your mind and heart and then let Him execute them.
Do not possess any wisdom of your own.
For many times His execution will seem so contradictory to the plan He gave. He will seem to work against Himself.
Simply listen, obey and trust God even when it seems highest folly so to do. He will in the end make "all things work together," but so many times in the first appearance of the outworking of His plans,

"In His own world He is content
To play a losing game."

So if you would know His voice, never consider results or possible effects.
Obey even when He asks you to move in the dark.
He Himself will be gloriously light in you.
And there will spring up rapidly in your heart an acquaintanceship and a fellowship with God which will be overpowering in itself to hold you and Him together, even in severest testings and under most terrible pressures."
Way of Faith

~Streams in the Desert - Mrs Charles E Cowman


  1. Rosie, as always your home looks so warm and cozy. That's one thing I enjoy about fall and winter, we can burrow in and get all snug and warm. God Bless

  2. Oh how I'd love to sit at that dinner table, hearing news of everyone's day at once. Cozy, indeed!

  3. Lovely photos! :) I have a bit of a silly question...are there two sinks in your kitchen? The one in the photo above looks different than another one, I think I have seen before? Or...I could just be crazy...it's always a possibility! ;)

  4. Very homey, indeed, Rosie!

    I love Celesia'a hat! I am knitting for Christmas gifts too!

    I think lights make everything better!


  5. I love the art on your chalkboard. =)

  6. The comforting coziness of home. That is one of the many,many wonderful things I have enjoyed about your moma and your blog. The absolutely delicious comfort I see in every nook and cranny. I myself try hard to imitate;). The twinkles make it even look more so! You have many things,but arrange them all in such a way as if they were a part of artwork. Which in all respects they are,an art of keeping home:). Thankyou for that much needed quote. It is going in my journal(your momas idea) today. Have a blessed weekend! *christina**~*

  7. Hi Katy, actually, we did have two sinks in the kitchen (one was a very (very) small veggie sink), but recently we took out the big one (that was old, and falling apart), and then put in a new (to us!) sink, where the veggie sink was!
    Hello to each one there :)
    Love, Rosie

  8. It's so lovely here. I answered your comment at my place, dearest. :)

  9. Oh I love every picture so very much. Your house looks warm, festive and cheering. I love your many lights and cozy colors. Thank you for posting.

  10. I enjoy visiting your blog - it does feel like a warm, friendly visit! Have you visited Aspiring-homesteader at blogspot.com? You might a new friend who seems to have a lot in common with you.

  11. Hi Sugar,
    Yes, I do go to Mia's blog. She has such a lovely way of sharing her life and her family, through both words and pictures :)

  12. Love your photos! I especially love the above angle of the first one...what a nice shot!!! I love the lights in the canning jars and I recently ordered Streams in the Desert from Amazon. I am anxiously waiting a package in the mail!!! :)

    Blessings to you!

  13. Wow, 4 new posts since I've been away (nursing my bad cold). I am SOOO excited to see the new sink in place, and looking quite lovely in the place where it ought to be!

    The quote from Streams in the Desert was really, really good too, a reminder to be careful not to shut out the still, small voice of God directing your paths.


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