~:"Come, Emmanuel"

"Come and speak to us
Come and renew us
Come and live through us, Emmanuel
Grace to implore us
Ever before us
Come and restore us, Emmanuel

Come Emmanuel, Come Emmanuel
Come Emmanuel, Come Emmanuel

Once mercy found us
Still You astound us
Hold and surround us, Emmanuel
Living inside us
Faithful to guide us
Cover and hide us, Emmanuel

Love that begins us
Pardons and wins us
Come and reign in us, Emmanuel
Come and speak to us
Fill and renew us
Come and live through us, Emmanuel

Emmanuel, Emmanuel".


  1. I love you Rosie.
    Such a beautiful song.

    And, for you, another song,
    so deeply lovely,
    that Melissa kindly shared.


    "Behold our God
    seated on His throne
    Come, let us adore Him
    Behold our King
    nothing can compare
    Come, let us adore Him"

  2. I've never heard this song before! Thank you for posting it. It is beautiful!

  3. One of my favorite hymns. :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



  4. Beautiful song. I just love Christmas carols. Hoping you all are well - Give everyone a big hug from me, won't you? Much love - Raquel xoxoxoxXOxxoxooxoxoXO


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