"In every thing give thanks"

Wow, it is so hard to believe that yet another year has flown by. As I get older, time seems to go by faster!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, with just the family that is still here at home.
Claire and Wesley spend Thanksgiving with Claire's family (and then Christmas with us!), and James and Abbie are in faraway Norway~visiting with her family for three months (Abbie is giving birth to her little one {due in mid December} over there, and they are returning not long after).
Although we did miss the rest of the Clan, being here to celebrate with us, we had a wonderful time.
So, here is our day, in pictures.....

At the breakfast table, a big sis helps a little sis.

A cheerful, sunny table~

I liked her outfit, and so just had to take a picture of it!

After breakfast, and the dishes, we played some games~~"Candy Land", and "Apples To Apples"....

Joesph made his usual cranberry sauce...I love the beautiful red color.
We all went to work in the kitchen, making Thanksgiving dinner....

And drinking mugs of hot chocolate...


The table all set, and the food waiting {with Stan Lee lighting the candles...}


After dinner, we spent a lazy afternoon, reading, knitting, napping, and walking.

We found this fun kit, of "Paint Your Own Horses", and the little girls did a great job on theirs~they turned out so nice!

We also Skyped with some dear friends, that live far away.

Dad, taking a nap.

We older ones wrote out what we thought each one would be doing and where they would be next year {and the little ones drew pictures}, and then put them all away to be opened next Thanksgiving.

Making pies... (What would Thanksgiving be without pie??).


The first ones out of the oven, and cooling.

And that, is the end.


The next day....

Sleepy kitty.

Wesley and Claire's wee ones came over for a bit...{I wish I had taken more pictures}.

Aimaja's Paper Doll 
{she can make just about anything out of paper....shoes, dolls, hats, you name it!}.


  1. Everything looked very cozy and festive.
    We also enjoy playing Apples to Apples--a good way to enjoy lots of laughter.
    I was happy to know that Abbie and James are expecting and due so soon. I was curious about her delivering in Norway. Will the baby have dual-citizenship that way? That would be really good. I will be praying for them and for the safe and easy delivery of their little one.
    As always, it's a blessing to see your lovely family. I greatly miss your momma's posts, but understand that she is surely very busy.
    Blessings to you all!

  2. What a lovely Thanksgiving celebration! :) Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Sweet!

    I loved seeing Autumn and Abigail on your Skype! We love those girls and their family!

    Your Thanksgiving looked wonderful - relaxed and full of family stuff. Ours was the same.

    Exciting about Abbie and James! Can't wait to hear!


  4. So funny that we both have photos of our skype conversation! http://5redhens.blogspot.com/2011/11/novembers-gone.html

  5. pictures of your days bring me such peace and inspiration. thank you!

  6. What a lovely day you all spent! Those pies look wonderful.

  7. "A lovely time was had by all" Looks so homey! Glad to see pics of everyone. Hope you all are healthy. We are doing quite well here, the beginnings of Christmas decorations are peeking out here and there. Miss you and love you all - Raquel XOxoxooxxoxoxoxxoXO

  8. Rosie, Such wonderful photos! It is such good news to learn that James and Abbie will soon have a new little one to add to your family! God is so good! Please give your mom much love. Oh how I miss waking to her midnight writings! Hope your Christmas preparation is full of hope!xo

  9. How lovely!!! What a great idea to just make the pies together instead of preparing them ahead. :) I'm following you and your mother on Pinterest now...I'm Amy Marie!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. Your Thanksgiving looked lovely and just what it should be, family.

    Congratulations to James and Abbie on their small short person arriving in December!



  11. I really enjoy your blog Rosie. I have a question about why I never see pictures of your mom? Does she not like to have her picture taken? Your photos are so beautiful. You've got a wonderful eye for simple beauty. Wishing you and your family many blessings this Christmas season.


  12. hello rosie i havent commented before. i came to your blog via your mums , which i sadly found as she was about to stop blogging. i hope she is keeping well. i found her words so helpful, but never had a chance to thank her so please pass on my thanks. you have a lovely family and i love your photos. i share many of your interests such as sewing, cooking etc and love to see your work.congrats to abbie and james that is great news for them. fondest regards karen. x

  13. Oh, what a heart-nourishingly delightful post! I feel ultra-inspired now, as I go on to the *next thing*. Thank you for taking time to show us, and let us soak in some of that precious family feast beauty. It ministers to me so much! love from us. xo

  14. What an absolutely scrumptious Thanksgiving day! Thank you for posting, Rosie. Every picture is so delightful.

  15. What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing. I love being able to get a glimpse into your home through your photos. Please tell your Mom I said "hi".

  16. Hi Michelle, yes, the baby will have dual citizenship, which will be very nice!

    Tracy, that is so funny that we both posted the skyping :) can't wait to see you guys!

    Kathleen, yes, my mom just very much dislikes having her picture taken, so, that is why she is not in many pictures :)

    Hi Karen, my mom is doing good, just so busy with life, there does not seem any time left for blogging :)
    I will pass along your hellos (and everyone else that said hi too!)

    Warmly, Rosie


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