::Here at home.

{A sunny window, pot of tea, herbs on the sill, and tomatoes ripening...}

So today I headed off to the garden (ahem. "weed patch" ), to pick the last of our green and red tomatoes, parsley, and small pumpkins.
We had our first frost last night, and woke to a cold white world. Hot coffee and the woodstove were very much in order.

The was more than I had thought!

When I was in New England this past summer, at our old homestead, I managed to uproot some of my old Egyptian Onion plant, "King Tut". I re-planted him when I came home, and he seems to be doing rather well.

In a jar, and waiting to be made into baked beans, or bean soup!

A nice hot fire.

Cozy circle.

Knitting being done...


I like this picture...

The little ladies..

Dinner the other night: Creamy Corn and Chicken Chowder.

The other day our old goose decided to take a bath in our "new" (to us) sink (that is waiting to be installed in our kitchen)! 

Drinking milkshakes...

We built a big bonfire and threw some potatoes in to roast...

Fabric colors.

Pink shoes. Old Blue Chair.



  1. i so love your pictures and the slice of your families life that you share with us.
    i also love Toulouse geese! i used to have some but now that we live in town i don't anymore. They are so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos you have captured! :)The goose in the sink is just too funny! :)

  3. Rosie,
    I am a follower of your mother's bog and was overjoyed when I found you not long ago. Your "art" is just beautiful. I often visit your site for peaceful inspiration. Thank you for blessing me with these beautiful images of your life.

  4. Rosie, looks like fall is there for sure. We have not had frost yet, but won't be long I think. Green tomatoes, so good for relish. Love the pics of the Hottentots. I am making some Pear Chutney today, hope it turns out. Much love to all. Raquel XoxooxoxoXOxoxoxoxoxxXO

  5. Rosie, I just want you to know that I adore your blog. Your photos bring a peace to my heart like none other. It is like stepping into another world, another time, another place. A place I dearly long to be. Unfortunately, my life will is not at a place that is as beautiful and serene as yours seems to be. Thank you for giving me hope that maybe someday I can have a sliver of the tranquility and simpleness that winds its ways through your days....God's Blessings on you my Friend...

  6. Still no autumn here but you post gives me a taste. Thanks so much! I miss autumn.



  7. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Lovely! I need me some pink converse! ;) I have red & black already...*snicker* :)

  9. I love the all the photos of course, but Julia looks lovely in that purple sweater!

    Our little folk are out riding their scooters, and enjoying the break in the rain....

    Oh, how I love the Autumn....


  10. Dear Rosie,

    I love seeing books piled on your table and in & on book shelves.
    That makes me want to cuddle up my girls and read.
    I have 11 & 13 year old girls.
    What books and series of books do you have?
    We would love to know and to read books that you have read with your mom and with your siblings.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog.

    Grace in B.C. Canada

  11. Hi Grace,
    If you look over to the side, at the link "Excellent Authors", I have listed a bunch of our family's favorite book (and authors!)
    Isn't reading a wonderful thing?


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